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October 30, 2012


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My Life

How kind of you to think about me. We are fine in upstate New York BUT my kids who live and work in NYC have been hit fairly hard. They both have electricity. Once outside their doors, however, they see lots of chaos and disarray. Many downed trees. My youngest just made the electricity grid cutoff and has power. Thankfully, she can walk to work. My oldest lives in Brooklyn Heights and with the subways out had to take a bus into work this morning. The bus will leave she and her husband around 20 blocks from their destination. So, they must walk the rest of the way.(Daughter just called me to tell me work offices have no electricity so, there is no work!)
Already there are gas shortages and banks are closed due to no electricity up here. Thankfully, we have prepared but if the power is out for long, that may be a problem.
My sister owns a condo in Battery Park City and that area has been devastated. She rents it out and can not reach her tenant. My sister lives in Staten Island which has been hard hit. She has no power and she and her husband are fortunate to have an RV with a generator. She's been sleeping and keeping warm in that.
My two aunts own 2nd homes in Breezy Point which has been wiped out. Fortunately, for them, their summer homes are in the south end and the fire engulfed the north end. Both aunts are over 85 years old but thankfully are being cared for by my cousins.
I am so upset by what my eyes are seeing, you can not fathom. Childhood haunts and childhood neighborhoods have been hit hard. I can not believe this is my New York. With no service on our Metro train lines, I can not reach my children. Thankfully, some bridges are opening and we have ample gas to reach them should the need arise.
Other than that, we all are just thankful to be alive. My RI property is perfectly fine. Neighbors told me winds were above 90mph. Not one iota on my property was touched. Obviously, prayers work! :)
Without electricity at work, there is no earned money. That may be a problem if this continues much longer.
Again, thank you for asking. Praying has been very beneficial for all of us.

Retired Syd

Cindy: Thanks for that report. I saw on your blog that your NY home was ok, I was worried about your Rhode Island place--that's amazing that it's perfectly fine.

Wow, your account is just like watching CNN--you actually have family in all those towns that they keep showing. Poor Breezy Point, what a tragedy--you leave thinking you will just come back to possibly water soaked belongings, and return to find nothing. How awful for those people. And Staten Island--you just have family in all in all the devastation, don't you? But I guess there's so much of it, it's affecting so many.

Glad your family is ok. I'm sure your daughters will be fine. New Yorkers have quite a reputation for pulling together in times like these. I saw a heart-warming report of folks in Chelsea sharing a power strip on one of CNN's news trucks to charge their phones. When one one person got to 50%, they moved aside to let someone else get some power. Just a small gesture, but those things add up and make me so proud of the folks out there.

Take care!


Here on Long Island, I lost power late Monday night and it has not yet been restored. However, my ladyfriend who lives a few blocks away still has power so I have been here since Tuesday morning. I hauled my PC here because it is better than hers. I also brought some frozen food from my fridge while it is still intact. No cable TV but I can watch some stuff on line. She went back to work today but their phones are not working well even though they have power.

My dad got his power back but he is not at home so my brother and I are trying to call him on his cell. My best friend got his power back this morning, too. Both of them had been out since Sunday night.

Glad I am retired so I don't have to deal with trying to get to work in NYC or NJ (doubt they'd be open anyway). Still, it is comforting to know I don't have to deal with that nonsense.

Back to reading my good book. :)

Retired Syd

Deegee: Glad you have a good plan B!

Everyone: I've been getting a few email responses that I thought I'd publish so all you back east will know people are thinking of you:

From Marianne, "Syd, this is Marianne from upstate NY. We were not hit as hard only strong winds and some rain. We did not lose power like I thought we would. New Jersey shoreline and lower Manhattan saw the brunt of it. Thank you for your concern and prayers to those affected."

From Kaye, "Kaye from West Virginia here. We had about four inches of snow and tons of rain (don’t know # of inches). I have never seen snow in our area of WV in Oct. Trick or Treat is delayed until Nov. 1. The power is on and that is a good thing because it is about 30 degrees.

I took my 12 year old niece to New York City a couple of years ago. She is amazed that the subways, tunnels, etc are flooded and that is mostly dark there. That is the value of travel ... a real sense of the affected area and empathy you might not otherwise have."

From Liza, "I, like you, find the whole coverage of the storm very surreal. For those of us who live in the Carolinas, it is a very close reminder to the damage from Hurricane Hugo. My heart goes out to everyone affected – wish I could make it get fixed in a hurry but know it will be a long process. You’re in our thoughts."


Syd, after I finished a few chapters in that book, I called my place and was shocked to hear the answering machine pick up! That meant the power was back so I am now home and all settled back in after hauling all my frozen foods and stuff here. :)

Retired Syd

deegee: That's pretty amazing. Reports on the news are that 90% of Long Island is without power. Are you one of the lucky 10% or has it gotten better than that on the electricity front?


Syd, it was 90% at its peak just after the storm ended. This morning (Friday) it is down to just under 50%. Still over half a million people without power but that is better than nearly a milion.

fred doe

Syd thanks for your thoughts. I live on the mainland so we dodged the bullet. We didn't even lose power. Though some of my neighbors did but most have it back on. The barrier islands didn't make out so well. I haven't rode over there yet cause they don't need gawkers getting in the way. As the governor said we will rebuild but it will never be the same. They may have to rethink the Jersey shore. And they will that's one thing New Jersey has it's that we are resilient and adaptable.

Retired Syd

fred: So glad to hear you are ok. Yes, a lot of those places will never be the same, it's very sad. I have no doubt about your resiliency out in NJ, NY too.

Updates from my friends, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, totally fine. My friend in Chelsea is still without power but lives very close to work so has been able to get there. But some of her co-workers have lost homes--so sad.

Wondering about you, Tom Sightings--I think you're out that direction? Hope you are ok.

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