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October 28, 2012


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I can't agree more. Sometimes there are too many options.
I saw a tv special about Costco the other day and in there they said the same thing you did about buying jars of something. That's exactly why the choices are limited in their stores, it actually increases sales not decreases.
So we plod ahead, sometime moving forward and sometimes back, but at least we're moving.
Take care,

Cathy S

I started watercolor painting in my late forties. It opened up this desire for artistic expression. I was at a local festival with lots of artists and art forms. I remember walking up and down the aisles thinking, "I'd love to learn collage, photography, jewelry making, acrylics, potting, etc." When I got to the end, I was really depressed. I knew I didn't have enough life left to explore all those options. I agree with you, having too many options feels the same as not having enough. Since, then I’ve made peace with the commitment to nurture my artist every day and not worry about the what.


I'm with you Syd - just pick something already! If it doesn't hold your interest move on to something else. Life is too short to sit around fretting that you might not choose the right thing.

I choose things that are typically short term. Right now I am involved in a 7 month gardening project - it is the longest commitment I have made in the past 6 years. Stay tuned...

Cara Larose

Having a happy and fulfilling retirement is a choice. You can just sit down the whole day in your house doing nothing, or pack up a travelling bag and go somewhere else - it’s all up to you. Here’s a tip to make your retirement a happy one. List down all the things you haven’t done or experienced in your entire life, and then explore those things. Believe me, you’ll find out more things about yourself that way.

Joe @ Retire By 40

I am so much more busy now that I don't have a full time job. Check out my schedule.
I'm getting less sleep than ever and that's not good. At least I'm feeling much better physically and mentally so that's good.

Retired Syd

Joe: Well you retired to a more than full-time project--chasing a toddler around! I myself get more sleep than I did when I was working (and usually an afternoon nap), but I know you're blogging while your son naps instead of taking advantage of a little nap time yourself!


Great post Syd. I think retirement is about choice. Today I chose to explore/map some new trails on my mountain bike and meet my wife and daughter for a nice latte. After uploading my new trails I recommissioned the air conditioner on the roof for summer, replaced some broken tiles, and cleaned leaves from the gutter for bushfire season.
So the ride and the coffee where good fun. The chores not so much but I got to choose what I did and when. So good. Just like now, glass of wine in hand at end of the day, catching up on emails etc.

Stevie Wonders

Only times I've been bored were at school or work.

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