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November 30, 2012


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Bob Lowry

Are those your parents? From what you've told us about your dad I'd say none of us (except maybe early retirement Tamara) could keep up with him.

Thanks for the mention and have a great holiday season.

Retired Syd

Yep, those are my parents! I think even Tamara might have trouble keeping up with them!


That's just too funny.Both Ken's and my folks are pretty non-adventurous. We are "practicing" retirement now.. I am retired, he's not.. I don't wanna slide into the sunset with a life half-lived!!!!!

We're hiking, biking, going to Rocky Point (despite the "danger") and I am writing a novel, painting, and volunteering.. Oh,Ken just bought a small motorcycle, a LIFE LONG dream.. yes, we're working on simplicity and all that but this was truly a dream come true,. He took safety classes, and he found the bike on craigslist and we had the funds available. He needed some ADVENTURE!

Life is good.


Please help - I am LOVING the pic/comments but I need real, concrete #'s re: how much they've saved up - where their investmenst are and what, if any, debt they had in retirement. Thanks much.

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