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February 03, 2013


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fred doe

If you really want a new identity? I know a man in Montreal who'll do it for five grand:) Your reading my mind. I just said to my wife the same exact thing. In my case I want to wear nice clothes not suits maybe smart casual. I'm doing my snow work now and I too have been retired five years and I'm tired of work boots and Carhartt's. I want to be pretty:)))) But your right in some ways shaking the identity is a challenge. Sorry bout the 9ers.


Cute shoes! Sometimes I think I go on cruises just for the opportunity to wear my sparklies.

Any thoughts on the "bond bubble" and how that's changing your allocation, if at all?

Retired Syd

fred: Thanks for the 49er condolences.

Jacq: Funny you should ask, I was just working on an allocation post today. Stay tuned.

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