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May 23, 2013


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Yeah, Syd you echo many of my feelings about retirement and I will let you know that I am Roger W. Thanks for the compliment of using some of my words here. It took a couple of years and then some to find out just who I was as a retired person. That journey was frustrating at times as I occasionally just felt lost. But it felt great that I was the person to make the final decisions.

I have been retired from corporate life for thirteen years now and I am still evolving as a professional retiree. I, like you, am just a person who believes that we must never quit growing, even in our senior years.

rjack (Mr. Asset Allocation)

I retired at 52 and when I told one of my friends that I'm retired, she said "Oh, did they have a downsizing where you work?" I had to explain that I actually quit my job and that there were no layoffs. It's funny what people assume.

Bob Lowry

What a nice way to start my Friday morning, with such a solid overview of my book. Thank you, Syd.

My blog is doing decently because one person, early on, read and wrote about it and listed it on her blogroll. That person was you, Syd.

Satisfying Retirement began its life with your endorsement and for that I will be eternally grateful. You are a professional retiree and a first rate blogger.

Retired Syd

Bob: And look at you now, two books under your belt, a feature in Money magazine, and a wonderful blog. You've done me proud!

RJ: I thought I recognized that voice, wise words.

rjack: It does kind of take the wind out of your sails, doesn't it? But I guess the alternative, that you've accomplished something out of the ordinary just seems too far fetched.


I found that travel helped me to find my identity, after I retired early.

Retired Syd

Kelly: Travel does have a way of putting you in touch with an Aha! or two, doesn't it?

Retired To Win

I've found a "new" identity in retirement as a solo hiker and a personal finance blogger. Well, not so much new as recycled. My ex-job involved huge amounts of writing (proposals, reviews, publications), and back then I was very much into group backpacking. So that recycling of my former activities has worked very well for me. If it's sunny, I hike. If it's not, I blog. No boredom in retirement here!

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