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May 02, 2013


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Hmm, not sure whether to thank you for the cheesecake recipe or not!

I suspect your weight loss results are a bit like the impact the Great Recession had on retiree spending - you're being more calorie conservative than you probably need to be as a result. But just like with finances, it has a net positive outcome, so good for you!

Retired Syd

Well you can test it out for yourself next week--I'm going to bring you some on Monday!


I just weighted myself this morning and I came in at 134 lbs. That's pretty normal for me. If I hit 140, then it's time to worry. Baby is only 26 lbs. He probably need to eat more cheesecake.

Retired Syd

RB40: Luckily cheesecake is safe for babies too!


Well .... it's raining here so no golf this morning and I thought I'd read instead of go to the health club ... but now I'm headed off to workout so I can make (and eat) some of this cheesecake later .... Thanks (I think)!

New at this

I thought this blog was supposed to be focused on discussing politics...? eh em, I mean retirement...

Retired Syd

New: Aaah, I believe you were misinformed. This blog discusses MY retirement. Hope yours is going well!

Retired Syd

Rick: Maybe that's the key to the Cheesecake diet, you feel like you have to workout instead of read if you eat it!

Lily@Connecticut limos

That looks yummy! I love cheesecake and will definitely try this recipe! RetiredSyd that was great! This blog is about your retirement and I cannot wait for mine! Great posting, keep it up and enjoy retirement!


You are absolutely right, Cheesecake is a surprisingly great way to lose weight due the high fat content. Google "Low Carb High Fat" and read all the success stories. I've lost 55lbs in 9 months. We are so misinformed about diet. We are made to believe fat makes us fat and instead we have replaced it with carbs and sugar which is even worse. Cut the sugar, cut the carbs and embrace the fat (eggs, whole milk, heavy cream, cheese)!


Calcium is necessary for weight loss/control, and low carb for most overweight people. And you did portion control.


I wish I could eat 10 cheese cakes in two weeks and gain only minimal weight. :-)

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