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August 27, 2013


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Tom Sightings

Great wrap-up of the lively, liberating appeal of NYC in the summer. I've got tkts to the Open for Labor Day. Can't wait!


Now you know why I will NEVER leave this city! Thankfully my daughter lives in a 2 bedroom, almost penthouse in mid town with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson River. If I'm not in NYC at least 2 to 3 times per month, I feel dead. This city is so alive. All you have to do is walk the streets and it's a party every second.

If you get the chance before you go home, go to Grand Central Station and hop on Metro North to Poughkeepsie (POK). The train ride up along the Hudson River is amazing. Once in POK walk over to The Walkway Over The Hudson for stunning views. Also, quaint restaurants on both sides. Just a thought.

PS: I have photos of that same group. They're great! They also sell their own CD's.

Have fun. Glad you're here!

Retired Syd

Tom: Have fun at the Open!

Cindi: Your daughter's place sounds amazing! Funny you should mention that trip up the Hudson River Valley. Doug's uncle (who lives in Queens) is taking us up there, including the walk over the Hudson. (Note about that Motown band: the CD's are free--with a 15 dollar donation.)


I love the passion that exudes from this post. Life, retired or not, is about living passionately, and I can see how NYC feeds right into your new passion for the piano.

I can also see about a dozen directions you can take all this once you return home. How wonderful for you both!


I either lived in (Greenwich Village) or worked in Manhattan (World Trade Center area) for about 20 years (1981-2001) and had part of my commute take me through midtown Manhattan (to New Jersey) for the next 7 years before I retired in late 2008. I am sooo glad I don't have to deal with Manhattan any more. I have been in Manhattan only twice in the last 5 years, once for a weekend and again for a day trip. I don't miss the place one bit.

Kelly @ Try New Things

I love being in NYC and try to get there once or twice a year. You really captured the appeal of just wandering the city...there is always something to do and see and great food.

It is so easy to move by the subway even as a visitor. My kids started going with us to NYC when they were in their teens and they fell in love with it too.

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