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August 30, 2013


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fred doe

YHOO SYD? You sound like you think, your a native? If you live in a place where people come to visit you, there are no "rude" people only "Cute" people:))))))))). shame on you (i'm putting my scold hat on) there far from home and they want to have fun. People who are lucky enough to live in places that others want to come visit, must embraces them !!!!!!! Yes at the Jersey shoe we call them Shoobies but "God Dame It" their my Shoobies.and I must help them and show mercy:))))). I thought you Californians were famed for being laid back? Did go watch the Americas Cup sailing Cup in Frisco? (I know you guys hate it when people call it Frisco :)))))))))) bye bye

Retired Syd

fred: I admit, it only takes me about two days in NYC to become impatient. But then patience was never my strong suit to begin with . . .

Tom Sightings

Yeah, the people in Times Square are tourists, not New Yorkers. But hey, they sure beat what USED to be in Times Square!

Retired Syd

Tom: Well last time we were there we were there with 2 New Yorkers to see a show, so not entirely tourists. But yes, mostly. And you have a point, it is definitely an improvement.

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