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August 28, 2013


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New Yorkers have been through a lot, (9/11, terror bombings, massive power outages, Hurricane Sandy to name a few). We've learned that we have to help each other out. And we should be very courteous to tourists.

When I am outside of NYC, I am often criticized for my no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach to life. As New Yawkers, we have no time to pussy foot around. Life is serious here. Only another fellow New Yorker would know this.

Except, when I traveled throughout Europe, I simply told people I met, I was a New Yorker (not an American). They completely understood.


I have to agree.New Yorkers are great! I lived Back East (Philly) in my early years, have been here in the great Southwest for 30 years now. Sometimes I miss the easy camaraderie of being on the streets with the city folk!! Well, not too much,I DO love the West.

We visited NYC 2 years ago and spent time in Harlem.. now THAT'S where I'd live if I lived in NYC..vibrant! colorful! GREAT library..

Yes, New York is a place anyone will fit right in, no worry about the details ..


I still haven't been to NYC. :( We'll take the kid someday soon.
We are very helpful in Portland too. Tourists get all kind of help when they are trying to figure out the public transit. Maybe it's the urban environment?

Retired Syd

RB40: The difference is that tourist expect people to be nice in Portland. New Yorkers have a reputation for being rude, totally unfounded in my humble opinion.


Nice story, Syd!!!


Thanks for sharing the good stuff, Syd! We are bombarded too many times with the negative. Your post definitely warms the heart!

Denise Johnston

Loved this post and the differences in the way we perceive things from coast to coast as well as all over different parts of our own country!

fred doe

Being from jersey ( six miles from atlantic city and no i don't go there) some of my best friends are new yorkers. their fun to tease and have great senses of humor. but i know that when your up in their turf,if you need direction you don't walk up to them and say,hello,how you doing or excuse me they'll push you out of the way cause they don't know what you want. You just blurt out where you want to go or what your lookin for and you'll get a half a dozen of them helpin you out and at lest one or two will tell you the best place to eat when you get there. Syd you haven't been to new york till you been there on BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!! if you do it once, you'll never want to do it again. Madeline: being from south jersey if been to Philly:) yea i spend a week there one day.

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