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September 10, 2013


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Evan @ Financial Independence

Varying your schedule is important to keep your days fresh and exciting. I must admit though - when I saw the picture that accompanies this post and read that Doug went for a bike ride, I expected this post to be about something totally different!

Tom Sightings

Playing piano for five hours ... I'm impressed! The only thing I can do for that long at a stretch is sleep. Anyway, I agree, that's what a vacation is for, to break up your usual routine. And just 'cause we're retired doesn't mean we don't have a routine . . . or need a vacation. Glad you had a good time in the Big Apple!


Like you, I am not a routine person, although I occasional admire folks like Bob over at SR who plan their days. Not to encourage you to watch more TV than you are, but you may want to check out The Bridge if you enjoy the Killing and such. It comes on at eleven here in mountain country so this is one of those cases where the DVR is my friend.

Retired Syd

Evan: Yes, I did lead you astray, didn't I?

Tom: I'll bet you could watch TV for five hours--maybe? But you're right, that is one of the appeals of vacation, getting you out of your routine, isn't it. I guess that's why we still need vacation even when we're not working.

Barb: You are the second person to recommend The Bridge. We're always looking for new, good quality shows (there are so many bad ones--I'm looking at you Housewives). I'll have to check that one out. I've even considered re-trying Breaking Bad. We watched a couple seasons and then got burned out. But everyone seems to like it so much, maybe I should give it another chance.

Linda Vaughn

It is so great to see you posting again so frequently! I love your blog.

Retired Syd

Linda: Thanks for the encouragement!

Diane C

OMG! I have never been a routine person and I always thought of it as a bad personal trait. I have hope now that it ain't necessarily so. Thank you, Syd!

P.S. What Linda said.

Kelly @ Try New Things

I think that is what is so great about retirement...your days don't look the same and you can make them look any way you wish them to.

I find my day changes when I stay open to new things that come my way. After a lifetime of planning for the whole family, this is so freeing. You seem to just roll with whatever comes...

Amelia Williams

I'm with a lot of the folks that have commented before! I couldn't do anything more than sleep for five hours, or maybe do some of the work things that I do here at senior match. I'm in complete agreement with you about getting the lead out and doing something that's for you in retirement -- after all, we're supposed to enjoy ourselves, right? Thank you for posting, and keep up the great work!

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