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September 08, 2013


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Evan @ Financial Independence

It's interesting to see the authors impressions of retirement - it's something which I guess can't be fully understood until you reach it for yourself. I see my retirement as doing many of the same things I do now, but having the choice to spend more time doing the things I enjoy and less time doing those things I regretfully have to do.


Great article!


Love the article, Sydney! Especially enjoyed learning that you didn't even know that you wanted to be a writer before you retired. After an 18-year career as an optometrist in Abilene, TX, I found out I like to teach. Who knew?! It seems that when we step out of our self-imposed roles, and let ourselves breathe, our real selves have a chance to come out. As for the moron who commented at the end of the article.... Ignore him. I hate armchair critics who fail to learn the whole story before having an opinion. Those of us who follow you know that Doug is awesome. The moron can kiss our lily white keisters. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of writing with all of us!


Kudos and congratulations on a terrific, and as always, very funny article! My favorite part was the story about Doug and the apple . . . I can totally relate!

My advice is don't read any of the WSJ site comments. Who knew prior to the internet how many seriously disturbed and unhappy people exist out there?

Sue Blaney

Great read.....found very relevant to Ben and my life....thank you!


Great article, Syd. Informative, funny and as always, touching!

I retired at 55 and as my luck would have it, my husband is younger than me. Sooooooo, that means he will be working longer than I did.

Fine by me. :) And hubby!


Yes, as always, great article Syd!!


I have to chime in with the others:

A great article Syd. Very well written.

Retired Syd

Thanks to all of you for the nice comments!

Angela: I did read the comment at WSJ that you are referring to and thought "oh buruuuther." There's always one, isn't there? So I appreciate your commentary, and also on the actual content!

Tamara: I remember on our hike us talking about the eating thing and that you and I share that pet peeve about the eating! Our poor husbands . . .

Banjo Steve

So very on target with my own experience. Not only did I need to adjust to my own retirement, I found I also had to adjust to my wife's retirement three years later. But as adjustments go, it all works for me. Thanks for being so open and forthright.


She's exhausted me! That's hilarious.
Great article overall. WSJ is quite impressive. How did you get that gig?
My wife is still working. It will be interesting to see what it's like when it gets closer to her retirement.

Accidental Retiree

I liked the article and LOVE the photo that accompanies this post. I have it on my laptop so that I can remind myself of things I'd like to do my own front yard.

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