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December 11, 2013


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Tom Sightings

IMHO, 44 is just too young to retire. It's not too young to quit your job if you don't like it; it's not too young to leave work and follow your dream; it's not too young to start doing what you really want ... but it's too young to just retire. Come to think of it, by that score, maybe 66 is too young to retire as well!

Retired Syd

Tom: I thought retiring at 44 WAS leaving work to follow your dream. Oh yeah, that was my dream, not necessarily everyone else's!

Kelly @ Try New Things

I love to read how much retired people fit into a day. The difference is that when you are retired you do the things that you want to do. So busy is fun and it comes from having so many great choices. But on some days you can just choose to do nothing and that is delicious also. And you can work sometimes if it fits the prerequisite of being something that you enjoy.

I have just reached my one year (early) retired anniversary. I just wrote a blog post about all the amazing experiences I have had in that year.

There is nothing boring about early retirement!


For me, early retirement is not just what you get to do but what you get to avoid doing. I was starkly reminded of this yesterday when we had a sudden and freakish snowstorm yesterday (Tuesday, December 10th) here in New York. The snow began where I lived less than 30 minutes before I would have to trek outside in it to get to the train, soon followed by two more walks outdoors before arriving at my old office.

The point is that not having to make the long, awful commute to my office even two days a week is by far the best benefit of being retired at 45 (5 years ago). It was very nice sitting in my nice, warm apartment eating a warm bowl of oatmeal instead of making a cold, shivery walk outside to begin a lousy trip to work.

Retired Syd

Kelly: Yes, delicious is the exact right word. But I want to do all that I want to do and still have a clean house, a manicured garden, and my weekly piano assignment perfected too. As another wise reader told me, you can have it all, just not at the same time!

Happy retire-aversary!

Retired Syd

deegee: Yes, I can identify with that, I mean it being 82 degrees here where I would not have been if I were still working. It would be busy season--not vacation tine!

linda vaughn

If you write a book on retirement, rest assured I'll be first in line to buy it!


Or, as one friend says...........I just don't know how I found time to work. I haven't traveled in months and still barely manage to keep my house and yard perfect. What gets in the way? Dinner with friends, sewing, reading, sleeping, art classes, walking, volunteering!!! whew!!


Happy Birthday! My birthday is coming up soon too and is four-o for me...
I don't have time to do all the chores either. In my case, it's probably because of our 2 year old kid. He sucks up all of my time and then some. Once he goes off to school, then I'll try to do more.

Banjo Steve

I seem to remember that years ago, the vision of being a "beach bum" held some nice sway. Odd jobs when necessary and/or desired, otherwise time was something for the beach bum to command. Now in my fifth year of retirement, I am thrilled to be out of the "should" mode that requires production and accomplishment. While there are still many, many things that I want to produce and accomplish, they are based on "want to", as you also are doing. Nothing to prove, and acknowledging that idle time can be wonderfully nurturing, affirming, and even productive. As has been said many times before, life is just too important to be taken too seriously. Again, thanks for all that you communicate and affirm.

fred doe

Will Rogers: (I'm to busy to work) All though I've been doing the snow plow gig? Lucrative very lucrative but those Hawaii pictures look very nice very nice! (dam you Syd, dam you:))))))


Hi Syd
Hawaii looks beautiful how long did you stay?
Also happy birthday.



My husband and I had a similar conversation today as we meandered around town, first taking a long walk on the university campus where we were once students 40 years ago, then a leisurely lunch at a favorite restaurant, followed by a trip to Barnes & Noble. I usually only go to B&N very early in the morning as the place becomes a zoo later in the day (as it was today), but I knew I had no plans for the rest of the day. I had no where to be. No one was expecting me. There were no chores demanding my attention RIGHT NOW. So we didn't hurry, we didn't get frantic as the traffic backed up, we didn't lose our cool as we missed every green light on the way home. We have all kinds of time.

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