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January 03, 2014


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Good luck in 2014! How come you don't enjoy yoga anymore? Sorry to hear that. Maybe you just need to find the right instructor. Last year, I turned 40 at home and we all had the flu. It wasn't fun at all.

Retired Syd

RB40: I was doing that hot yoga. The last few times I went I just couldn't handle the heat anymore. Perhaps in the future I'll try yoga in a normal temperature.

Sorry about your 40th--hope your 41st finds you all much healthier!

fred doe

On New Years Eve Patty asked me what event set off the year? I said nothing neither good nor bad. It was one of the best years I ever had. One shouldn't make New Years "resolutions" but New Years (resolution)one thing. Mine; I will not fall asleep on the couch. I will accomplish this. What ever you put thy n hand to,do it with all thy might. Happy New Year Syd.

Tom Sightings

I'm impressed with your accomplishments ... and a little humbled since my own list is much more modest. But I have found that the best exercise is not the exercise that you SHOULD do, but the exercise that you WILL do. In other words, you gotta enjoy it, or you'll never keep going.

Diane @anewchapter-diane.blogspot.com

Isn't it interesting how each year has a different personality? I love your approach to 2014 in doing things that make you happy. And I've always felt that life is too short to do things you dislike (like yoga) and to spend time with people you don't care for. Have a great and happy 2014! Diane


Hi Syd. As always, you have come up with a brilliant idea: do what makes YOU happy. Like minds think alike. When you have an attitude like that, living life is so much easier and better.

Here's to a brilliant 2014. I'm doing what makes ME happy. My blinders are on and I care naught what others think, say and do.

Retired Syd

Fred: Good luck with that, that one is harder than it sounds.

Tom: Notice I said I'm happy AFTER I have exercised. Even in the exercise that I prefer, ENJOY is kind of a strong word.

Diane: Exactly! Happy 2014 to you too.

Cindi: Well that's a whole 'nother resolution--not caring what others think. I'm not quite there yet . . Good for you!


You beat me by a pound! I lost 11, and if I lose another 5 or so, I'm back to my high school weight.

Wasn't 2013 a terrific year? It surpassed all of my expectations. I'm as, if not more, excited about 2014.

Oh, and a note we'll be in Cloverdale from Aug 17 - 20 for wine tasting, and Big Sur from Aug 20 - Aug 24 for hiking and fine dining should you two care to join us for a day of fun. :-)

Retired Syd

Tamara: You'll probably appreciate this--my weight now is lower than on my wedding day 22 years ago. So what did I do? Pulled out my wedding dress and tried it on. Despite what the scale says, I can't breathe properly when the dress is zipped all the way up. What's that all about?

Anyway, that Cloverdale wine tasting sounds fun--I think we might join you!


I love the idea of doing what makes you happy. May you have happiness and joy in 2014. I still enjoy my yoga. I hope you find some gentle hatha yoga classes that make you happy.


Syd, I would drop the hot yoga and perhaps try some yoga classes minus the heat. I do a mix of yoga, stretch or pilates mat classes, my own walk/jog two mile trail run, a little bit of free weights at home, and rolling on my foam roller. I just do whatever I feel like at the time as long as I do something everyday. The foam roller is a daily quickie for keeping knee problems at bay. I also will be out of a job this August and have received the A-ok from my financial advisor to retire if I so wish at 53. It's a little bit scary as I haven't had more than 3 weeks off at a time for 25 years or so. I'm hoping that I can find enough things to do I truly enjoy and that will allow me some connection to others and some sort of routine. I'm just going to do the best I can and hope to, like you, keep learning and working towards some goals.

Retired Syd

DianeB: Congratulations! I've got an article coming out in Monday's Wall Street Journal with some advice for your transition from work. I'll post it here of course. But it's natural to be a little scared--big step! In the meantime, pat yourself on the back for the big accomplishment--retirement at 53 is pretty awesome!

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