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April 01, 2014


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Hi Syd. Yes, I caught your article in the Wall Street Journal without any advance knowledge. Fantastic! Brilliant job. Loved the article! And your in-laws!

You certainly give a girl much to think about.


Retired Syd

Well thank you Cindi!

Janis @ retirementallychallanged.com

My husband and I really want to home-exchange when we both are retired (soon!). In fact, my goal in the next few months is to purge "stuff" so that we will be more ready when the time comes. Napa, huh? How would you like to visit San Diego? So many opportunities out there!

Retired Syd

Janis: Well congratulations on your upcoming retirement!!

Brian Luckhurst from Home Exchange 50plus

Hi Syd

Yes, like Cindi, I read your article in the Wall Street J and a jolly good read it was to. Glad you enjoyed your cruise, I have managed two, both with Easycruise when they were around and offering budget trips on smaller boats. Still prefer Home Exchanging though!

Brian Luckhurst

fred doe

Is that the Golden Gate Bridge in the background?

Retired Syd

Thanks Brian!

fred: Nope, that's a bridge in San Pedro, California near the cruise ship terminal. It's not one I knew of so I had to look it up on a Google map: The Vincent Thomas Bridge.

Linda P.

Great article on home exchanges.

Retired Syd

Thank you Linda!

Tom Sightings

Congrats on your WSJ article, which contains lots of good advice. I've done Homeaway and Airbnb with great success; I think Home Exchange is next. But ... you won't find me on a cruise anytime soon.

Retired Syd

Thanks Tom. I found out I'm not really a cruise person either. Although it is a nice way to get together with family in a low-stress environment. No one has to cook, clean, or entertain--so there is that.

John Burch

Great article! This is worth reading especially for us with own family already.

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