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April 25, 2014


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Was this some sort of organized tour on bicycles? Would love to hear more of the details.


Wonderful update Syd, and thank you for the reminder that age is simply a number. Or as I like to say, getting older may be a reality, but being old is a decision. Enjoy Thailand!

fred doe

OMG! an elephant. I'm in awe and laughing at the same time. Maybe at the back of the back you take in more then going fast. Syd and Doug with their dog Spot.


So happy to see you enjoy life!!


Dear Syd, My husband will turn 62 in August. We will also be celebrating our 33th wedding anniversary. He has always wanted to visit China. I have always wanted to visit Vietnam. We are not getting any younger. We would like to do this while we are able to carry our own suitcases. Do you have any pointers on doing it as cheaply as possible. We are both living on a tight budget. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. We have plenty of time on our hands.
Thank you for sharing your adventures.

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