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July 27, 2014


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And wine tasting with friends in August.

Just thought I would add that . . .

I do know what you mean, though. We will be returning home after 10 weeks away with new outlooks and new goals. I think that's precisely what a change in surroundings is supposed to do to us.

Retired Syd

Tamara: Exactly!


Hi, I sympathise. Trips are important to me and my relationship wih my husband is always at its very best - he is a fantastic travel companion - but I like your positive attitude on the special pleasures of home. I copied your idea today and suggested a walk - we went into London on the bus and walked around the Serpentine in Hyde Park - not quite the calming regular morning ritual you had in mind but a fun excursion.

Retired Syd

Jill: Ok, here's something funny. I found the walk in Central Park, with New York's masses more calming than my walk here at home this morning. In New York, there are so many people around, but you are anonymous in your own little bubble. So you really are alone with your thoughts. Here at home, I only saw about a dozen people on my walk, but some I know and talk to, others are familiar and we engage one another with greetings. Much harder to have sort of a meditative morning walk. Interesting, huh?

Tom Sightings

As they say, it's nice to go on vacation, and even nicer to get home. I know when I get home, the house seems cleaner; the garden and lawn look better; and friends seem friendlier. I, too, hardly ever watch TV when I'm on vacation, and always resolve to watch less when I get home . . . but for some reason the TV thing never happens. Oh, well ...

Diane C

Note for Tamara here - I really miss your blog. I hope you and Mike had a great trip!

Retired Syd

Tom: Ok, well it's only been two days back, but so far success on the TV thing. I'll get back to you in the longer term on that one. . .

Diane: I'll second that!

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