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July 18, 2014


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Syd, Pretty hard to "smell the cacti" since most don't have much scent, unless they are night bloomers. That prickly pear in the picture uses showy flowers to attract pollinators by sight.

Just sayin'...

I have some showy cacti on my lot here, yes even high in the mountains where it snows in winter:




Mona McGinnis

The cacti planted in the "desert bed" south of my house in NE Alberta are just finishing their bloom. Such pretty, soft pastel colors from such a prickly plant. The plants came from southern Alberta. I may not stop to smell them, but I do stop in my tracks to admire them.

fred doe

We have cacti in jersey I don't know about the smell (I won't get my face near that. Did you see the thorns on that sucker). but they were good to eat tasted like a kiwi. I don't eat them any more to labor intensive.

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