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November 05, 2014


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Well, that was fun - my VO2 max came in as excellent for my age, which makes me very happy. And apparently I'm really only 20!

I don't have a Fitbit, but I'm involved with several clubs that likely achieve the same results your post describes. We are constantly in competition to log more weekly miles, have lower race times, or be the first one to the top of a hill.

But for sure the older I get the more I value the energy and well being living an active life delivers.

Retired Syd

Tamara: I think you might be the youngest person I know!


Good timing Syd: I'm planning to take advantage of the lovely weather today to do the bicycle commute to town for my visit to the fitness center for weights. The bike ride is 18 miles round trip, with 300 feet of elevation gain outbound and 1000 feet of elevation gain homebound, some of it very steep. So it is a pretty good workout.

Some years ago I decided I needed more incentive to take long walks — because the six mile walk to the mailbox was getting boring — and do other workouts. My solution was to get an MP3 player and listen to audio books (I have an audible.com account). That works very well as an incentive to get moving. Even when I don't have much time before it gets dark I will often do the walk "around the block" here, which is 2 miles with perhaps a hundred feet of elevation gain. If I have more time I will increase that to three to six miles. There is no flat area in my mountain neighborhood, so all walks involve hills.

So, if you haven't tried audio books for moderate workouts — not to mention long car trips — I recommend it.

Retired Syd

dgp: Audio books is a great idea. I like music on a walk, but I'll bet a good book would make me anxious to get moving so I could hear what's next.

Rin Porter

Thanks for writing about this. I have heard people talk about a device that counts their steps, etc., but I didn't know how it worked. I also didn't know that what I do every day is called "lifestyle exercise"! Walking, housework, yardwork, etc. Thanks for educating me! Love your blog.


Syd, Yes, if I am "into" an audio book I look forward to the next bike ride or long walk. I had one case when I did the two mile walk around the block and I was in an exciting part of the book so I did another (different) two mile loop to continue with it! I have some favorites that I have listened to multiple times — like watching a favorite movie over again — when I'm not interested in tackling something new.

tom sightings

Great test! I didn't do too bad, but not nearly as good as you. Guess I'm going up to the gym this afternoon!

Diane C

One of my neighbors loves audio books but only lets herself listen to them when she's walking. I can tell how exciting story is by the number of times she passes my house.

I think I'll look into the FitBit. Thanks, Syd!

Sweet Sticky Rainbows

You look great so it must be working for you!

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