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November 03, 2014


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Lynn Jeffers

Cheers! My hat's off to a fellow discriminating consumer of media hype! Great article! Think I'll go for a walk...


Bless you! Now tell me about that picture!


I wish this is what the 24-7 news channels were saying instead of the fear drumbeat that they have going. I just lost a friend to skin cancer and he suffered a lot during the treatment he went through to try to live. You didn't mention diabetes, probably because it doesn't tend to kill people but instead blinds and maims them. So many more realistic concerns to have than the likelihood of catching Ebola.


Really appreciated the dose of reason Syd! I entirely agree with your take on the Ebola hysteria.

Retired Syd

Barb: I thought that was a great photo for talking about falling! That little girl was walking around on those stilts in Central Park with her dad. Luckily she didn't fall, but it sure made me nervous!

Retired Syd

Juhli: I'm sorry about your friend. One of my childhood friends (who I was reconnected with on Facebook) recently died from Melanoma after two years of fighting it with every treatment available. One of my best friends lost her mother to it a little over a year ago, and that's how I lost my own mother when I was 16. That one is definitely higher on my radar than Ebola!


Syd, you mentioned falls. Sadly, my dad's ladyfriend for the last 18 years (his wife, my mother, passed away 19 years ago) fell in her apartment last Sunday and injured her hip, then passed away a few hours away. She was 86.

Retired Syd

deegee: Wow, so sad. Honestly, I never realized how many people died after falls until reading that NY Times piece.

Retired Syd

Here's Jane Brody's take on this in yesterday's NY Times: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/11/03/emotion-is-not-the-best-medicine-ebola-case-further-shows/?emc=edit_hh_20141104&nl=health&nlid=29589616


This does raise the larger issue of retirement and illness - particularly when the two coincide. We all expect to die sometime, and a fall in our 80s may (sadly) be the thing that leads to our death. But what about those of us who looked forward to retirement at 6 0 or 65, only to get ill just before, or after, retirement? This has happened to me. I announced in June this year that I would be retiring at the end of the year (just before my 65th birthday). In September, I came down with an illness that I can only describe as "Something" (it is probably a chronic sinus problem, combined with an initial bout of regular flu - no doctor has shown any alarm about it). I have been sick nonstop since the 3rd week of September, and even took a month's sick time, but had to go back to work because I ran out of sick time. Granted I do get to stop working within about 2 1/2 weeks, but I never imagined I'd enter retirement so damned ill. I'm sure this is not life-threatening and it is something I'll get over eventually - I see a ENT specialist next week - but it's weird to start retirement as such a mess. I wanted to retire, in part, to get in shape! It's crazy. I'm just glad I'm not one of those people who's come down with cancer or who - like a well-known politician in the area where I live - dropped dead of a heart attack two weeks after retiring. (Let's hope that doesn't happen!!) Have you ever written a column on that issue? (A depressing topic, I know.)

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