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December 24, 2014


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We have a 3 year old so it's all about gifts at this point. We'll let him open everything in the morning. He's getting some lego sets and a basketball hoop. It'll be a lot of fun tomorrow. Merry Christmas!


You may already read Michael Kitces, but in his blog post today, one of the things he comments on is the joy of anticipation. https://www.kitces.com/blog/happy-money-and-the-science-of-spending-how-money-really-can-sometimes-buy-happiness/#more-5581

Merry Christmas!

Tom Sightings

When I WAS a kid, it was a free-for-all. When I HAD kids, we did it one at a time. I guess I've matured! But, honestly, the important thing is not how you do it, but that you're surrounded by friends and family and the people you love. And so merry Christmas to you and yours!

Retired Syd

Tom: I'll second that.

Joe: As it should be when you are three years old.

Don: Thanks for that link, that was a great post and now I'm very interested in reading that book (and also maybe getting a Roomba.)


I vote yes on the Roomba. I'm on my second vacuum and 3rd floor washing unit (Scooba wasn't good for the hardwood floors but the Braava or Mint is fine and I think the Braava is on sale now). They run pretty much every day in my house.
What you could do is go to Bed Bath and Beyond and look through their returns bin. I picked up my last roomba at 50% off that way.

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