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February 27, 2015


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Retired To Win

Whenever I start "going off" over some actually minor thing, my wife always reminds me that, and I quote, "It's not the end of the world." If I allow myself to stop and think about that, I can usually disengage from the upset that I am about to plunge myself into.

But as I began reading your post, I was getting a different take on the perspective theme. I thought of how that 22-year old person must have assumed that she had decades yet to do what she wanted with her life. And she didn't. THAT perspective which almost everyone has (that there's always time, there's always tomorrow) keeps too many people from taking action to get free ASAP of their obligatory jobs and start living for themselves.

But there are no guarantees. Which is a big reason why I did everything I could to reach earlier retirement as soon as I could. Once I had seen the light, that is.

Mona McGinnis

Syd, my kindest regards to you and your friends. A motivational speaker once said - Birth: big stuff. Death: big stuff. Everything in between: little stuff.


Beautiful perspective and said Syd. Sending so much love.

Retired Syd

Mona: That's a great quote.

RtW: It's true, it reminds you in so many ways to try and live the life you want right now. It's so sad to think, though, that she didn't want a tomorrow anymore.

Tiger: Thank you--she asked me to thank you for your lovely text message. I forwarded it to her yesterday.

Tom Sightings

So sorry to hear of your friend's daughter ... and I get it,about the perspective.


Deepest condolences to you and your friend.

My high school group has lost several children. I cannot imagine the pain.


My 23-yr-old and I argued over something stupid earlier today. After I read your post, I was reminded that life is fleeting. I told my girl I was sorry and held her close to my heart as I whispered a prayer for your friend's huge loss.


I think so many of the stupid things we do and say are related to the "hurry-sickness" of our culture. When we consciously just SLOW DOWN, a lot of little crap ceases to be so "annoying" or important."

Taking time to experience Life as a Flow and not a race... well, that's a new perspective for many..

And I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of your friends. I can't fathom anything worse than losing one's child.


Thank you for the reminder about maintaining the proper perspective. Too bad it often takes a BIG THING to realize how small the little things are.


I'm so sorry Syd xx

Retired Syd

To all of you: Thanks so much for your kind and insightful comments.

Tamara R

Syd, Very moved by what you have written, and it has left me with much to ponder in my own day to day life. Thank you for writing and being willing to put up such a powerful post.

My deepest compassion goes out to your friends. I am so terribly, terribly sorry for their loss.

Rin Porter

Thank you for posting about this sad week in your life. I needed to be reminded about perspective. Most of the things we worry about are not important. "Don't sweat the small stuff" is what we frequently tell one another. The lost of your friend's precious daughter is what's really important.

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