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February 03, 2015


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dee riley

Sounds like a great class. I'm guessing that Dr.Bortz has essential tremor. I have it also as did my mother and so does my daughter. It does affect my small motor skills such as writing, holding a coffee cup, spoon, etc. No other problems for me at least. I always enjoy your informative blogs.

fred doe

Jeanne Calment was the exception that proofed the rule. Which is to say your not going to last that long and she was French so attitude may have played a role. Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die. Research her? she was a person who lived by moderation. Even in her smoking. Which is something I won't discuss here for a lot of reasons:)

Retired Syd

Dee: Yes, another reader emailed me with the same diagnosis. Although I still don't really remember what he said, a Google search seems to show that's the only tremor with benign in the title, so you are probably right. I have benign forgetting disease, clearly.

fred: Our guest speaker last night, Leonard Hayflick was quick to point out that there is basically nothing you can learn about longevity from a sample size of exactly one person who reached 122 except that 122 was the age that was reached. Any attempt to extrapolate the "why" of how she lived that long would be scientifically misguided.

By the way, I don't want to go to Heaven, it sounds boring and the decor is not my really style (pearly gates and streets of gold sound too gaudy to me. I'm a less-is-more kinda gal).

Retired To Win

My Dad is 95 going on a super-alert 40. (!!) The secret to his mental youth is his curiosity and interest in learning.

He's very well off physically as well (for 95). Lives by himself. Takes care of himself. The secrets there, I think, have been his long-time attention to diet and his consistent exercising via walks, etc. (He still goes to the gym at his apartment building!) Plus his instant-action-response to anything that feels physiologically wrong. No living in denial for this guy!

If I take after him genetically, it's a good thing I've got a good long term personal finance plan. :O


Thanks for recommending this book. It inspired me to walk to the park on a cold snowy day in NYC. I don't think I will take up running-but I will continue my long walks to the park.

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