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May 13, 2015


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As an Apple stock owner, your report makes me very happy. Hope everyone buys away. As for me, I always wait a few seasons. I don't like being the first one on the block. I wait till Apple gets it right. My iPhone is a 4S and about the time it's ready to die, it will be the perfect time to buy a new smartwatch. Ka ching! That's the stock going up. I bought it back in the late 1990's when it was only $13 a share and the Wall Street Journal gave Apple Computer only 3 weeks to live. Gee? How did that prediction work out? My shares have split and split and split again.

Love it!

PS: Glad you are back writing again. Plus, I love the new look of your blog. Way to go, Syd!

Retired To Win

Oh, Syd. A $349 Apple watch AND a $3.25 cappuccino?! You consumer! (LOL)

I too have my spending weaknesses. And some of them -- like my collecting of history books and horse figures -- make me wonder enough to actually have to write about them. So enjoy!

And for full disclosure: the first time I saw a commercial for the Apple Watch you could have picked my jaw off the floor. What a toy! :O

Retired Syd

Cindi: Thanks--speaking of late adopting, over the years I've received emails from subscribers that my blog posts are not readable on mobile devices. It took me this long to figure out to remedy that with the new layout!

Retired to Win: Well, the cappuccino isn't really about coffee. I have to pay $3.25 to make myself write. Too many distractions at home. Cheap when you think of it as office space, right?

Linda Vaughn

Awesome!!! Three blog posts in a row. Love it! Also loved your posts on the 4% rule. Saw the article in Times, but it was nice to get your take on the 4% rule as well.


I didn't really want one but wow that was quite an endorsement. Love reading your blog.


I'm just managing to get a fit bit, and I expect I will love it. No watch for me though (and I am one of those people who do use the phone for all those other things-yes, I keep the ringer off or on vibrate, but my phone has my life on it).


Thank you for this report. I want one so bad!!


Like Cindi, as an Apple shareholder I find your endorsement of the iWatch interesting. But I guess I'm less of a gadget person than you since I own no Apple devices at all. Being cheap or, rather, "thrifty", I use Tracfone to keep my cell phone costs down to ~$90 a year. And the only reason I upgraded to a smartphone (LG Android) was because that was the only way I could get a Tracfone that gave me reception in my remote rural house, because it uses Verizon 3G cell service. That, in turn, allowed me to drop my landline at long last, saving $250 a year. But the only thing I use the smartphone for is texts and the occasional phone call.

I also don't eat out, cheaper to just make my own meals, or buy much of anything other than groceries, so I don't need fancy phone payment schemes. I suppose it isn't the "good life" by your standards Syd, but it works for me. I do have one indulgence though: my Nissan LEAF electric car and the solar panels that fuel it. I'm looking to upgrade to a Tesla Model 3 in a few years and get rid of my backup gas-powered car, at long last. I suppose an EV could be considered a really BIG gadget. But once one drives electric, there's no going back! So, my thrifty living does allow me some indulgences. Just different ones from most early retirees.

Retired Syd

DPG: I really want an electric car for my next car. But our older car is only 16 years old with just over 102k miles--so it's still just a baby! At this rate, we won't be due to replace it until at least 2025! By then, the electric car ranges should be really great--even for the less expensive models! Now I'm sure some folks think driving around a 20 year old car is hardly the "good life." To each his own . . .

Mark & Margaret: I have still yet to read a positive review of the watch. I think I'm the only one on the planet that likes it! Here's one I read yesterday, "I regret buying an Apple Watch (and I knew I would)": http://www.engadget.com/2015/05/13/apple-watch-buyers-remorse/. I'm starting to think it's only good for people like me that don't constantly use their iPhones. If you are on it all the time, you will find the watch can't do as much as easily. So maybe that's the key--if you are really connected all the time, this might be a step down. Think about it, if you're the kind of person that puts her iPhone out on the dinner table at a restaurant, why would you need the watch?


I am one of the last to try new technology. I still have a VHS and only in the last couple years invested in a DVD player. I had a flip phone up until 2 years ago and then I went for a Nokia Lumia windows phone instead of an IPhone. I still have too many friends that have nothing good to say about the IPhone. Others love it. I have no bluetooth device and really don't want one, may be forced to have one if states make totally hands free driving a law. I don't text or call while driving but I do answer if my mom or other family members call when I am in the car, which requires at least one hand. It's nice to see someone likes the Apple Smart Watch, I won't be getting one any time soon.

fred doe

Good to see you back posting again Syd. The Apple watch sound very nice but I,ll keep my Dick Tracy radio watch just the same. Blue tooth? They make tooth whiting strips for that:)

Tom Sightings

I have two problems with the apple watch which I believe are insurmountable. 1) I wear reading glasses. So for me to look at my apple watch I'd have to carry my reading glasses at all times and fish them out whenever I wanted to look at the watch. Too much trouble. And 2) I have fat fingers, and I'd always be punching in the wrong letters and numbers ... like I do with my smartphone now. Am I wrong?

Retired Syd

Tom: No you are not wrong. I need readers too, but I have those mono vision contact lenses, so I can read and see long distance. Without those, I couldn't see the watch either (or my iPhone). If I don't have my contacts on (just glasses), I have to take them off to read the phone or watch. But maybe you don't have to wear glasses EXCEPT for readers. In which case, I envy you.) Now the fat fingers--that's a definite problem. Sorry. But saves you 349 bucks!


I'm so happy that you are posting again!

I'm currently not tempted by the Apple watch, although you listed a few intriguing features. I stopped wearing a watch awhile ago because I hardly ever looked at it and some of them gave me a rash on my wrist so I'm not sure I'm ready for one... and it's so flipping big!

I'm waiting for Apple to just plant a chip on my forehead and be done with it.


Hi Syd, I am debating between a fitbit or the Watch. I expect to use it mostly for fitness and calorie tracking. Would you go straight to Watch if you did not own a fitbit? Thanks!

Retired Syd

Karen: No, I'd try the Fitbit first--it actually does a better job on calorie tracking. And probably you will find more friends on Fitbit to compete with--which makes it more fun. I'd only splurge the extra $$$ if you really wanted the other stuff like text, email, music, Apple Pay.


I had to laugh when you explained that you only watch Fox News because you hate it. Wouldn't want anyone to think you were one of those evil wing nuts!

Retired Syd

DuhREB: Strong opinions around Fox News for sure. If people hate me for watching, I just want the to hate me for the right reason.

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