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May 15, 2015


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Oh thank goodness I couldn't manage another day of deep thought on the 4% rule! Ahhhhhh, a kitty!

Retired Syd

Laura: Yes, she brings my stress level down too!


I don't know if "congratulations" are in order, but I wouldn't be without my cat. I am currently away from home so a neighbor is looking after her and I will return the favor next month.


Awww... such a sweet kitty! Beautiful coloring too. I was a cat person until I moved to Colorado and developed allergies to cats. I've since become a dog person but still hold a soft spot in my heart for cats. And who doesn't eventually come around to any animal when they decide that you're the best thing ever!

fred doe

Fia is a pretty. Of course she's found a home, look at that carpeted condo she's laying in:) We've got two, Ernie cause he has six toes like Ernest Hemingway's cats in Key West. and Fat Max who really isn't fat he's just the size of frigging raccoon. He's huge. I've taught him to fetch his toy mice and bring them back to me.

Retired Syd

fred: Fia brings me real mice, and lizards and birds. I'm not so fond of that part.

Diane C

Hey, wait! It's been over a month since this post. What happened, cat got your tongue? (Sorry, I just couldn't help it.)

Retired Syd

Diane: I know, I know! I'm so delinquent! First it was a trip to Portland, then LA, now I'm teak-oiling all my outdoor furniture in advance of weekend guests. When will I get to blogging? (Don't people hate it when retirees complain of being too busy?)

Diane C

Oh, heck no! My goal in retirement was to be one of those people who say in all sincerity, "I'm busier now than when I was working." Of course, the kind of busy I do now is all fun stuff. Good luck with the teak oil, the guests and the kitty. Could be a very interesting combination. At least the weather will be milder than last weekend.

Syd, sometimes I just ping you so you will know you are missed! It's not often I get such an easy dunk, so I had to do it. I could even say "The Devil made me do it," and I'm pretty sure you'd get the reference ;-).

BTW, I plugged your blog over at the MMM forums today. Someone wanted feedback from people who had been FIRE for ten years or so. I figured eight years with your financial background and writing skills was close enough. Hope you don't mind.

Retired Syd

Diane: Thank you for sharing my blog with the MMM folks. And thank you for checking in and showing I'm missed--I have to say that is what keeps me coming back after weeks and weeks of idle blog--I really appreciate the nudges!

No Nonsense Landlord

As I wind down into retirement, I cant imagine life without a dog. But as I think about travel, i can't imagine life with a dog. A cat is a definite no.


We do miss you Syd, you always have something interesting to say. I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now and have recently submitted my resignation to take a break and then have a 'semi-retirement' which will include some paid work. Feel such a sense of relief to be shortly leaving a place with some great people but strangely a lot of toxic politics. Looking forward to having a summer here in the UK, pottering around the house and garden, visiting friends the length and breadth of the country and maybe further afield. May finally learn to play the piano and resurrect my cooking skills. Or maybe not.

shirley peng

Hi Syd, I started to join your blog years ago.. The way you write is easy to me as an Asian. Most important, I like the ideas, things, and... you share. They are interesting and keep me reading and reading.
Looking forward to Fia's story. It stops in a right point.. Can not wait to know how Fia make her place in your home....
BTW, your financing posts are helpful. They push me to speed up my retirement plan. YES!!!

XiuJiang from Nantou township in Taiwan

Indiana J

Cute cat. And I would say she is a lucky one too, to have found you and captured your heart.

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