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June 23, 2015


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Oh my, I didn't realize that beagles could be so challenging. But, of course, that things you miss about her are so precious. My husband and I are pet-free now for the same reasons you are (or, were). Although we miss the snuggles and welcomes at the front door (even if we had been gone only minutes), we love the freedom we now have. I might consider a cat or small dog in the future but, right now, I want to be able to take off at a moments notice and not worry about arranging care.

Retired Syd

Janis: I know I have a few readers who are Beagle owners--they know it's true. But we love them anyway. I will just go on record that cats are WAY easier!

Debbie V.

Wow - I've heard stories but the things that Murphy ate are crazy!
Even knowing I would be the one to clean the litter box, 3 years ago I urged my husband to get a cat from the shelter after our daughter's very old cat died.
He found a one year old gold tabby that we call George - we all love him so much. He sleeps with my husband and still follows him around.


Oh Dear, I had to pick myself up off the floor. I have two generations of beagles and a beagle lab mix and a possible beagle coon dog. Just off the top of my head, the things that have been eaten include an old fashioned pager that was turned to putty (when my thirty five year old was twenty), a huge stuffed pink panther, the bottoms of many coffee tables, the couch cushions of our deep seating patio set, an entire rib roast (don't) ask, a kindle tablet, trash including a moldy muffin which took us to the vet and other things too numerous to mention.

We also had many a milk glass (I drink milk before bed) liked off the night table, and uncovered butter dissappear.

And don't forget the howling-I used to live across a large field from a fire house. MY son tells me that they are considered like the second most stubborn breed.

We have one left, and he has really become more my son's dog. I doubt that I will have another. I love them, but the having to get home and walk them or the travel issues become difficult. Although I do regularly road trip with my dogs.


My sister had a beagle named Murphy (she's passed now), but everything you said about beagles is so true. Yes, they are challenging and love food and will do anything to get it, but they are so darn cute!


Our beloved beagle has been gone for some years now, but everything you said rang true for me. She was challenging, stubborn, playful, loving, devoted and loved to eat virtually anything. One of her favorite foods? Chicken livers. As we approached the time when we had to put her down, the fact that she turned her nose up at her favorite food was a clear sign that we were making the right decision. Didn't make it any easier and I cried harder than I'd ever imagined possible. Miss that old girl, but sure did appreciate the freedom afterwards. Not sure if we'll get another dog one day, now that we're approaching retirement, but wouldn't rule it out. Just wouldn't be another beagle. Maybe a less challenging breed.

Mary Clare Bland

Cute blog- happy I stumbled past. Good luck with the cat, I have two and I can't do any of the things you couldn't do with Murphy in your lives. And yes, one ate dental floss, the other ate part of my bikini underwear- two trips to the vet right there . . . .

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