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August 18, 2015


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Good to see you here again, Syd. Although I haven't had anything like what you described, I do feel like I've aged a lot this year because of some health issues. Don't worry, I am okay now.

Diane C

Oh, I'm jonesing for a Syd fix today...
And while I'm at it, Tamara, I miss your blog too. Hope you and Mike are well. I know without doubt that you are keeping busy.

Retired Syd

Diane: Thanks! As it happens I do have an idea that I want to write about. Hopefully this weekend!


This was a great article. I experienced the same thing at a McDonalds one day. The first time someone asked me if I qualified for the discount coffee. I almost felt like I had to take my ID out to prove I was 55 and over. It was the first time I had "reverse" ID. Not being proud I was carded for looking too young, but having to be carded because I now look old enough. LOL. Also, I now call the clerk at the clothes stores and grocery stores "sweetie". I call everyone "sweetie" now. When did I decide I could do that? You know you're getting old when: Young people call you "Ms". so and so automatically, instead of just using your first name. I am glad you have a blog like this, we need somewhere to share the humor of the unexpected days that come up indicating that we probably are as old as we are. Thanks.

Retired Syd

Tess: Well thank you sweetie. (Actually, I kind of like when people call me sweetie or hon, so this is where I say embrace your inner old person since it's nice.) Actually, it used to bug the crap out of me when I got carded when I was young. I hated looking young. But I suppose if I qualified for the senior discount and they made me prove it with ID, I might actually like it. Like they can't possibly believe I'm that old. I guess we'll see when the time arrives--I turn 52 this year, just a few years to go now.


Syd, leave it to you to shed the veils and provide true candor about life experiences.

Your post, and your experiences, reminded me of something Ricki Lee Jones said in her recent interview with Shad on Q TV (Canadian TV, a great youtube channel). Check out what she says in this video about middle-aged women at 14:35 minutes

Very profound. I'm a 51 year old man and I feel it, too, what Ricki and you describe. And it's macro, too, not just micro. Societal. What do I mean? Is the 50+ year old chosen for the job promotion, the softball team, the hiking group, the Meetup "fun" social gathering, like the 40 or less person? No. They are often "invisible" in these circumstances.

Oh, how I can relate to being the oldest person in the room. Yes. Happens all the time if I look for it. And, despite my retirement at 48, just as you, I no longer am looked at as an early retiree by others. I can stay fit, and strong, and hike in the Sonoran mountains for thirty miles in three consecutive days (as I did last week)--I'm fitter than I have ever been in my adult life--and yet to others, I'm the older guy. (God, if they only knew my youthful thoughts: tawdry, uncensored, often sophomoric!)

I suppose you could look at your experience as feeling affirmed that you were even offered a seat; we fifty-somethings are only a stone's throw from becoming enshrouded in a cloak of invisibility. A cloak of nothingness.

retirement communities Scarborough

Recently I had a birthday, but this post isn't really about that. I'm ok with getting older. I appreciate your effort posting about this article Syd! I wish for all of us getting older for good health and let us don't forget to enjoy life and carry all our back-aches with great strength and thanksgiving from above.

Val B

You nailed it! I remember being in total shock when someone offered to give up a seat for me on the subway! I was only 48 at the time. Wonderful post.


i think i have been semi retired since age 25. i am 28 now, and i may sell my business soon. they are very interested so, i am guessing i would be semi retired for sure, but never fully retired by choice.
i mean at the end of the day I want more money streams. This past week i worked probably less than10 hrs and thats just going around picking up money and doing deposits. my wife and I own 7 wireless stores at the moment.
If we do sale we will start flipping houses and making money from rentals.


whatever reflections reflected above are to be appreciated. you will find funny when i say recounting my experience. after my first child birth i had a slight bump in the abdomen so as to make everybody think i am pregnant.. when i was traveling in the public transport everybody used to offer me seat. chuckling underneath i used to accept. In public how can i tell every body i was not pregnant. the aging factor gradually has started gracing me too. good to age gracefully.

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