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May 16, 2016


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Your blogs make the most wonderful sense. I have directed new retireees to your blog. At this point in your life a vacation home is rather redundant, especially when you travel for vacations now and a second home can be a money drain.

Indiana J

Sounds like you know how to make the most of EACH stage of life, and life certainly is a series of changes.


I think a lot like you. We downsized to a condo a couple of years ago so we could travel more often and haven't regretted it.
My parents had a cottage when I was growing up and can remember my mother complaining about keeping two houses. I never had the desire for a cottage, would rather go to lots of different places.


I love the idea of having a vacation house, then using it as an exchange to go other places! I remember driving up to Calistoga from Benicia (where my brother lives) on some crazy weekend and the traffic was a nightmare, so I understand why that might not be so much fun anymore. It sounds like you made some wonderful memories!


Your decision makes sense to me. I look forward to reading about your bike ride through rice terraces and your hike through tropical trails.


I'm sorry to hear about your vacation home. But went you think about it you'll always can say " been there done that sorry bout you dude". It's a shame cause I cause I was just thinkin of coming out to visit the left coast not Napa valley but maybe the Emerald Triangle. My retirement has morphed into something new and full of wonderment. My mantra anymore is No fear, No regret, No expectations.

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