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May 15, 2016


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Indiana J

Love your insights on this and so many other things. I think our feelings on travel like so many things evolve over time. Part of it too is that you've had the opportunity and good fortune to have traveled a lot already. I recently found myself wondering if we might grow tired of traveling as much. Even though we are close to the same age, you managed to retire a few years earlier, so you've traveled a lot. For now, my husband and I are still trying to go and see as much as we can 'while we can'. We don't know when due to our health, needs of others dear to us, or world conditions, that we might not be able to visit other parts of the world... We're also still looking for bargains, so that we can go longer and more often. Just because you like to spend a little less, doesn't mean you can't travel well, especially if one of you (my husband mostly) is willing to put in the time doing a bit of research. So far we've been to over 30 countries and are looking forward to adding a few more in the coming year.
Our next 'big' vacation is a cruise to Hawaii round trip from San Fransico. We will be taking this cruise with a group of good friends, most of whom are a few years older than we are. It is interesting to see how different people travel. Cruising is good because everyone can do their own thing and come together in the evening for cocktails and a wonderful dinner together.
We'll all travel separately to CA and meet on the ship. Some will fly out the day of departure, two couples are flying out one day and one two days in advance to fit their travel comfort levels. Joe and I are researching plans to travel by train (for the experience of going by train) to California at least a week ahead of the cruise so we can visit Yosemite and explore at least a little of that regions wineries. [So many places we haven't seen yet and so little time!]. At least we still feel that way for now. But I'm sure as time goes on this feeling will change and we'll be happy to stay put a bit more.
Have a wonderful trip. Will look forward to hearing about it in a future post.

Retired Syd

Indiana: Maybe it's just like anything else, you get tired of it and do other things for awhile, and then you return to it later. We'll see. But you enjoy all the travels you have on tap! Isn't traveling with friends the best!


I agree with you 100%. Several years ago we moved to a home with all necessary rooms on the main floor and a fabulous view. I plan to retire in the next year. I have found that two weeks away is just about right. After that I am anxious to get home because I love my life here. I get tired of cooking but after two weeks away I find I am tired of eating in restaurants. Had we not moved I think I would feel differently and still want to be away more.


For DH and myself, we did our traveling while we were still young, active and had jobs! LOL. In retrospect I'm so glad we did it that way because now, in my 60's, the thought of travel is so daunting. I just want to stay home and have a pina colada on my lanai.
The only thing that was left on my 'bucket list' was RV travel. DH and I went through 2 RV's (small and then an upgrade to a larger unit) but after a bit over three years, I didn't like it anymore. I think that's because my last RV trip was scheduled for 4 months. I only lasted 3 and couldn't wait to get back home and 'real' furniture. :)
From what I can gather, most new retirees are gung ho travelers at first and then slowly wean themselves off the travel bug. But I'd still like to try a few more destinations before finally calling it quits. There's a travel group here (13 to 14 couples) who take an annual Mediterranean cruise. It's inexpensive because it's when the ship turns around after a season and sails a different course. They always depart from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. The itinerary this year was the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Tuscany (Cinque Terre), St. Tropez, Cannes, Amalfi Coast, Poisitano with the finale in Rome, Italy. Is that to die for or what? At only $999 per person, where do I sign? LOL. There's talk that this trip was so successful they are going to do it again next year. If they do, DH and I will join them. But I'm exhausted just thinking about what all of them accomplished in a 15 day cruise!
The only other travel plan on my agenda is The Grand Canyon next year when DH turns 60. Again, I wish the two of us did the trip back in our 40's and 50's. I'm hoping a low flying helicopter ride in a comfortable seat will complete my travel yearnings. :)
You're very fortunate Syd that you are able to soothe your travel yearnings in your 40's. Trust me. You'll be so glad you did when you hit your 60's (regardless what anyone states otherwise.........the legs just aren't the same)
Have a safe and enjoyable trip.
I hope you will share photos upon your return.


I have loved your posts and can identify! I like it, too, that you only blog when you feel like it! I started a blog and quickly figured out that it takes an enormous amount of time and that often, spending the time on blogging is not my priority. I hope that you keep yours coming, even if they only happen now and then. Your posts are great (and helpful)!

Retired Syd

Karen: Sometimes there's no place like home.

Cindi: Well it is possible I'm just going through a phase. My parents (my dad is 79 this June) are still going strong with the travel. They went to Bali in November and I just picked them up from the airport on Wednesday--returning from Mexico. I don't think they will EVER slow down with travel.

For me, at least for now, a couple weeks a year is just fine by me! Sounds like you have some tempting plans in your future, though.

Retired Syd

Thank you Marie. Off to go check out your blog now!


Wow. I'm right in the middle of writing a similar post... do we want to lock our doors and just get out and travel for as long as we can, or are we more comfortable taking smaller, shorter trips? I too love our home and enjoy the time we spend here. I think, for now at least, 2 - 3 weeks away feels about right... then a nice long stretch at home. I'm so grateful to have the choice.

Linda Vaughn

I was just wondering what you were up to and there they were: two posts in a row. So glad all is well. I was reminded about your piano studies when I learned that Noah Adams at NPR decided at midlife to take up the piano. He apparently wrote a book about it and that reminded me of you. Glad to see your blog again.


Syd, I like your post though the ideas do not apply to me -- at this point. But while reading your post, I was reminded of the Retirement Stages -- Go-Go, Slow Go and No Go years. Supposedly, most retirees go and go early on and then slow down. I thought the slowing down was more age related, but perhaps it is fatigue from too much. I've noticed that several slightly older folks who sold everything and hit the road as full time retired travelers maintain that life about four to five years and then settle down, again.

I'm doing my best to test out this theory. Traveled about 6 1/2 months in 2014 (when we were houseless), three months in 2015, and will manage a bit more than three months in 2016. No trip longer than five weeks.
Glad to see you blogging again.
We visited Singapore in March. Boy, it was incredibly hot and humid. Hope you are cycling someplace cooler.

Tom Sightings

There is wisdom in your post. I must admit we travel not so much for the knowledge or culture, but for the weather. We go in search on warm weather in the winter and cool weather at the shore in summer. I know, I know ... you're gonna tell me you live in California!


We moved a year ago and our travel has slowed to a trickle. We keep "thinking" about going different places, then those places end up on the news.
Maybe next year.
Enjoy your trip!


I love this series of making comparisons about how you viewed things when you first retired and how you feel about them eight years later. As my husband and I both did much (air) travel for our jobs, we are currently content to take more simple forms of travel (we just completed two rather long road trips where we took our time and visited friends and family along the way). It will be interesting to see how we both feel about travel in a couple of years from now.
PS -I was also in Halong Bay, Vietnam, in 2014 (but for less than a week).
Enjoy Singapore, Bali and Tokyo!

Retired Syd

Linda: Sounds like I might need that book!

Gail: I'm on a two hour layover right now in Tokyo. 10 hours in 7 more to go and wondering why oh why am I going so far away!?! We're not biking in Singapore, but I think Bali isn't that much cooler!

Tom: Ok, I won't say it.

Jeanette: I hate when the news narrows down your vacation options!

Donna: More simple forms of travel sound great right about now.


Enjoy your trip! I look forward to hearing about your travels. All travel is awesome and if something unexpected changes your travel plans, try to turn it into an opportunity.

Retiring early has allowed me to travel with my husband. We have been to Paris every 6 months giving me an opportunity to be more than a tourist. Since I am a knitter, I have gone to knitting circles getting to know both the Parisians and ex-pats. We have made wonderful friends and and colleagues-- so worthwhile.

As a knitter, delays at the airport and long flights have turned into project opportunities. One funny story was during an announcement of a 3 hour flight delay from Denver, I exchanged smirks with a a crocheter several seats away then we both returned to our projects.

For those of you who do not travel internationally, there can be travel opportunities in your own state. I live in Ohio and am looking forward to getting to know more about our state. We went to Hocking Hills last September and had wished we had done this years ago.


I love reading your blog...Gives me inspiration. We have always been travelers and ve our home and a fantastic mountain view vacation home, but we have been on a traveling binge since I retired 11 months ago. When to Istanbul then a cruise to Turkey and Greek islands and then to Athens. Also went to Boston and New England. Went to Wisconsin to visit family and then take in a Green Bay Packer game (friend has a skybox). We then went to Vietnam, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay cruise, and then to Java, Bali and Komodo to see the dragons. Went to a family reunion in Houston Then a Christmas Markets cruise on the Danube. Went to Nashville for country western. Spent 3 weeks in Hawaii in January. Spent 2 weeks in Florida in February. Also went to New Orleans to stay on Bourbon Street. Attended a wedding in Houston... In 2 weeks to fly to Nice, France, and then do 15 day small boat cruise of French and Italian Riviera's and then several days Florence. Also booked another trip to Paris. Going to the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island for garden show...Booked another Christmas Markets cruise for Christmas and New Years on the Rhine going from Basel to Amsterdam. Booked a cruise to Adriatic Sea. Booked 2017 trip to take in cherry blossoms in Japan. A cultural trip thru Mexico. ..Plus more.. .

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