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June 27, 2016


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Another Younger Retiree

Haha, I have never been interested in golf (or most sports), and really my husband hasn't either, but we bought a little condo in Florida that includes a golf course, and so I was thinking maybe when we retire there (winters from Michigan - not yet, but soon) we can try golf - I figured just walking around the course missing all my shots would be better than sitting at home. :-) But then someone said you HAVE to use the golf carts? Is that always true? Seems I saw folks walking around ours.

Still the Lucky Few

Enjoyed the article! So well written, and (bonus) it was funny too. I've never been attracted to golf, but walk, do yoga and work out at a gym. I find life incredibly busy since I retired, so I have the opposite problem, it seems!


I am also retired and have no interest in golf. Similar to Still the Lucky Few, I cannot believe how busy I am in retirement. With travel, family, our children, grandchildren, friends, walking club, newcomers club, hiking, gardening, home exchanges, catching up on household stuff, blogging....etc, etc....I now understand the true meaning of the adage "how did I ever have time to work?".
Thanks for a great post.

Tom Sightings

You don't have to be retired to like golf. I've been playing for almost 40 years. Too bad I'm not getting any better. I took the e-retirements quiz, and got at least one new idea for my retirement destination. So thanks for the link!

Retired Syd

Tom: My husband Doug has always liked to golf. When I retired I asked him if he would like me to learn so we could golf together. Without a moment's hesitation he said no.


I am 53 and have been retired for 7 years and I never had any interest in golf whatsoever. I always hated gym class in grade and high school, so even doing a small amount of physical activity these days is an accomplishment. My dad was always an avid golfer until some minor physical ailments have pretty much eliminated that in favor of the far less strenuous bowling he now does regularly since he retired 22 years ago.

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