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June 30, 2016


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I couldn't help but laugh. Sorry.

Still the Lucky Few

Good idea to keep the cat door closed. But what a surprise! For the most part, I think wild animals are just as afraid of us as we are of them. But I wouldn't push that theory—especially when it comes to bears, alligators and some reptiles I will not mention!

Mr. Tako @ Mr. Tako Escapes

Rats, mice and other pests can get in through pet doors too.

Other than getting one of those electronic doors that open and close when your pet approaches, shutting the door all the time is probably the best idea.

april beker

I couldn't sleep so I am reading my face book. This is the funniest story ever. If I was anywhere near i would bring over wet towels, and the comfort van. Missing you guys, Love April

Retired Syd

Jane: I know, it was kind of comical.

Lucky and Mr. Tako: So far the only other unwanted guests were birds, mice, and lizards--all of which Fia brought in herself. But maybe you're on to something. I could just keep it closed whenever we are home and make her ask to come in and out. Then I could just open it when we are gone. Minimize the opportunities.

April: Wet towels are always the right answer. Miss you too!

Retired Syd

P.S. I know I shouldn't be worried, but I sure hope the little guy found his family again. I feel kind of bad for him.

Diane C

Oh Syd, I feel your pain. Our cat's an indoor girl, but our dogs are not (hee). Our backyard is not completely fenced, so we get a lot of urban wildlife critters passing through. We installed an electric dog door in a bathroom wall which connects to the fenced in dog run. It is radio activated. It works perfectly to keep the critters out. The dogs don't even notice the receivers. I sewed them on their collars so they don't lose them. We buy the patteries in bulk online.
Here's a link, but I have no idea if this is the one we have, so this is not an endorsement of a particular brand, just enough to give you an idea of a proven option.


Whew! What a story. I am so relieved there was no damage.

BTW, my kitty likes the keyboard too, but even more obnoxious is that she will sit on my lap while I'm workiing, but she wants to drape herself across my forearm every darn time, so I can't move. So, so strange my kitty-girl.

Retired Syd

Diane: I read about those, but also read that outdoor cats are notorious for losing their collars. (Fia doesn't wear a collar but is microchipped). There is a door with an electronic device that reads your cat's microchip (if you have the right kind--I'm not sure she has the right kind actually.) But they don't make it in that glass door panel insert--which is the kind we have. If we have more problems, I'll have to research these further, but hopefully this was a one-off. Hopefully.


Cute story, but I can live without that type of excitement. We live on a farm and earlier this week, we spotted a mother raccoon with five little ones. They're very cute from a distance, but the mamas can be pretty nasty, too. We had one mother who got into our garage while I had the doors open. She got nasty when we tried to get her to leave. They love tuna or cat food, so make sure to use that the next time you need to move them. However, I hope you don't have to worry about unwanted visitors again.


Hi, Syd - I couldn't help laughing either. Even though I DO feel your pain. We had one mouse in our house last week, and it almost did me in!
BTW - Gorgeous cat!

Retired Syd

Pam: I'm not so sure this one would have followed food. The cat's food was out the whole time he was here. Even when we left him alone (hoping he would leave), he never touched the food. I think he was more interested in getting the heck out of here and catching up with his family than he was about looking for food at that point. Funny, at the time, I wasn't even thinking of that food. I probably would have thought to move it if I was thinking. I think this was one of the kid raccoons--glad the adult raccoon isn't the one that got inside. I think that would have been a lot more drama!

Retired Syd

Pam: She is a cutie, isn't she?


When my cats were young and I didn't want them wandering outdoors unsupervised, I put a large dog crate over the kitty door, with one side folded down. The litter box went in there too. With this setup, kitty can go outside and enjoy some outdoor air and toilet time, but not wander off. Nor could stray critters come in through the kitty door. If you'd like a photo of the setup let me know!

Retired Syd

Eve: That's ingenious!


You are lucky you do not live in Floida because our unexpected guests are snakes, alligators or bears! So consider yourself mighty lucky!


Laughed my dead off. That said do remember that raccoons can be carriers of all kinds of deseases that affect people and animals and that raccoons who show themselves in the daylight may be rabid.

How do I know that! Don't ask. And did I ever tell you that Trevor the beagle and Wilson killed a newly separated raccoon in my back yard???

Retired Syd

Maria: Yes, I'm very glad I'm not dealing with alligators!

Barb: To be fair, he the raccoons came here when it was dark out. We only saw this guy in daylight because he was hiding in our house after his family ditched him!

Hoping to be Another Younger Retiree

I'm shuddering - that is so creepy! We found a family of raccoons on our abandoned (just temporarily - we went for a walk around the park) picnic one time. Came back for dessert and they were all over it. Made me SO MAD!! But we were dumb to leave the food out, obviously.

This sentence made me laugh, though: " I read all the Donald Trump news, the Brexit news, and why you shouldn’t eat raw cookie dough." Your Internet reading sounds similar to mine. Haha!


It's judgement that defeats us. After reading this and laughing all I could think was poor Doug.

Retired Syd

Another: I'm trying to give up the Trump news, but it's like an addiction I can't kick

Fred: My hero, Doug!


Is the Donald like a monkey on your back? Don't worry someday we'll look back on all of this and just laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh............ Maybe I need something to put my hand too? Help I've been retired to long.

Terri LaBonte

Don't you think those animal invaders should at least be paying rent?! The gall of some critters! Great blog! I, too, write a retirement blog and have posted my share of critter-connected articles. Since retiring and moving to Florida, I've had infestations of lizards, snakes, and frogs. So far, no alligators..... But pray for me! If you are interested, please check out my blog, Terri LaBonte- Reinventing Myself in Retirement at www.terrilabonte.com. 😄

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