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July 31, 2017


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Donna Parks

Happy to hear that you are well and still enjoying your retirement. With that schedule I'm surprised to find that you have any time to blog at all. I have also been taking some money off the table to rebalance my portfolio. In these crazy times, that is at least something to be grateful for. Wonderful that you have something that you enjoy so much. I love listening to jazz and I await your performance in NYC where I live!

Renee Cue

Very happy to see your comments. I'm a bit behind your schedule toward retirement as a full time job. Right now, more part time.

I would love to hear about the following:

(This might be a good idea for a near-term blog post if my inspiration keeps up: What my advice would be to those considering retiring right now, into a stock market at record highs. I have plenty to say about that from personal experience!)

Dickson Pratt

Nice to hear the latest Syd! For me this is key:

"This much I’ve learned in retirement: I have no idea what I’ll be interested in doing in the future. I only know what I’m interested in right now. And that has changed many times over the last nine years of my retirement--as I’m sure it will in the future too."

In 18 years of early retirement I've changed my interests and activities considerably. That's ok!

I don't really rebalance my porfolio like I should, in part because it is too complicated, but I have been selling into the rally periodically to raise cash to live on during the next bear market that will come someday. I also need to raise money to pay the car loan for my CPO Model S, my extravagant toy that you are aware of. 28k miles in sixteen months, so it is getting well used.

I've been dealing with elder care issues in recent months, if you need a topic for your blog. Something a lot of us face, I would guess. Being single, I also wonder what I will do when it is my turn to need care.


You look great.. and so happy. I've missed your posts -- and I am SO looking forward to this one:
"This might be a good idea for a near-term blog post if my inspiration keeps up: What my advice would be to those considering retiring right now, into a stock market at record highs. I have plenty to say about that from personal experience!"

Please, please write it! I am retiring at the end of the year (I have a 60/40 allocation and I'm trying to stay the course... I tally up missed gains with this slightly conservative allocation.... but I know I set it and I need to forget it!)

Retired Syd

Monica & Renee: Looks like I am inspired--that post is in the works. Stay tuned.

Dickson: That elder care issue would be an excellent post. Maybe you would want to write a guest post--I don't really have experience in that area yet. I'm sure it would be valuable to many people (including me!)

Donna: I'm noticing today that it's actually kind of good to step away from the piano to write a blog post and respond to comments and emails. Maybe I need this for a little bit better balance in my life!


So happy to see yor email today. Your writing voice is so conversational that I feel like I am sitting there in your living room waiting to hear some of that jazz. I am 68 and retired for 6 years. I recently decided to launch a new venture (target date May 2018) which will feature my nature photography and a blog detailing my outdoor adventures etc. You have taught me the importance of writing like you are visiting with someone you are out to lunch with. Thanks! And good luck with your music (ad)venture. ☺

Retired Syd

Marilyn: Well that is the ultimate compliment--thank you! Be sure to send a link when you get your photos and blog up!


Good to see a post .... glad I didn't bet against the Warriors this year. Take care.

Diane C

OMG, a post today and the promise of another one, plus a link to an interview. Be still my heart! (Okay, not literally, because I want to live in retirement a good long time...)

Good to hear from you, Syd!!!

BTW, I also miss Tamara's blog and I know you know her, so please send her my regards too, if you have the chance.

Retired Syd

Diane: Thanks Diane, and I sent your well-wishes to Tamara!


Have fun biking in Italy!

Working Rachel

I'm still reading, too, and appreciate the periodic updates on your life! I abandoned my blog long ago, but I surpassed my financial goals and last year at age 35 was able to switch jobs to something much less lucrative. Here's to living our best lives!


Yes, we're still here. And it's so wonderful to know you are too.
You're very correct about living in the present. That's all I seem to be concerned about also.
Yesterday is gone.
And we have no idea about tomorrow.

Have fun in Italy. Ciao!


Great to see you posting here again, Syd. Great pic of you and the piano. Those Yamaha pianos are great to play on. I once had the pleasure of playing on a Yamaha upright back in the 1980s and it was the BEST piano I ever played on!

I wouldn't mind reading your thoughts of the election. I, too, have been making some rebalancing moves, some big ones, in fact, due to the stock market increases.

LOL try to make another post here before the end of the year, okay?

Retired Syd

deegee: Another post by the end of the year seems a worthy goal!

Cindi: There is something to that living in the moment, isn't there?

Rachel: I remember your blog well (and miss it!) Congrats on achieving your goals!

Diane: So you don't have to miss her, Tamara's new blog: http://myretirementproject101.blogspot.com

Tom Sightings

We've missed you! Good to hear that you're well and busy and enjoying life. When you get around to it, I'd like to hear your investment outlook, since I'm a nervous retiree worried about taking a major hit to my nest egg.

Retired Syd

Tom: Your wish is my command--just posted my thoughts on that.

Diane C

Ooh, I just saw this! Thanks, Syd. I can't wait to catch up on the Adventures of Tamara and Mike! It's like an unexpected birthday present. Interestingly, I've been procrastinating on something that's due today. I'm going to force myself to complete it before I dive into the new blog. Of that strategy, I'm sure Tamara would approve.


Great to see you back!

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