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August 03, 2017


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I have no bucket list either, Syd, especially when it comes to traveling. I did resurrect two dormant hobbies and began a new activity when I first semi-retired 16 years ago. And that's all fine and good.

Nice write-up in the article. I see you gave Love the piano picture, a nice touch.


Syd, what a pretty table setting! Wish I was there! I enjoyed the Forbes article and will read more about this couple. And I've enjoyed your blog for years. I like reading about your perspective, especially since you have been retired for quite a long time now. Life is pretty wonderful.

Tom Sightings

Thanks for the tip on I retired young; looks like a good site. Meanwhile ... love your table!


Good to see your still blogging. The table setting looks beautiful. I'm still standing. I'm not boarded but at 65 and retired for ten years this is the first year I've enjoyed doing nothing I didn't go to the beach as much as I used to. And I'm loving every minuet of it. At lease I still cut the grass every week.

Beverly Diamonds

Wow, I only went to 4 countries, it is nice to hear that someone get to retire so young. I like to read your blog please keep it going.

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