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August 24, 2019


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Dickson Pratt

Missed this post because the notification hit my Spam filter, to my annoyance. Glad the follow-up on travel made it through!

Good to see that you are keeping busy and happy!


Cece: Very funny.

Dickson: I fear my posts may be going to other's spam folders too--it's been so long since I posted!


Hope you're going to keep blogging because I'm just about to retire finally! Four more months!


Patty: I hope I am too! Congratulations--home stretch!


Sydney, I'm still here too and love to read of your exploits in retirement! I've still got another 18 months of the working world left and I've got a few years on you (my goals of early retirement are only being met by being able to retire at 61 vice 65 or later, LOL!). Love hearing from you!


Lovely to hear your blog voice again. I'm 2 years retired, age 53, and life just gets better and better, have to take care not to be too busy - need the space and time to enjoy too. Looking forward to more (occasional) posts.


Bob: Congratulations on your home stretch. 61 beats 65 any day of he year.

Helen: You sound like a quick study figuring that out already only two years in!


What a wonderful surprise! It is almost hard to believe - is this the same blog??? You began your retirement blog just about the time I retired!!! So glad to be hearing from you again.


Sharon: It is indeed the same blog. Thank you for coming back to read!


I am thrilled that you are back. I saw a comment of yours on Bob Lowry’s site so I came back here. Next week I will be pulling my pension at age 57. I have followed/read your blog for two years to help with my decision of retirement, it wasn’t easy. I am fortunate to have a generous pension which is enough to live on but I struggle to pull money from deferred accounts and normal investment account as it is tough to go from saver to drawing down assets. A 1% problem I realize but it is a new mindset

Thank you again for your assistance in my decision making


Dave: Well that's so nice to hear, thank you. And congratulations!


It's so nice to have you back.
I've been retired 18 years now. Would not have it any other way.
So nice to see that other long time retirees came to the same conclusion: vacation ain't what it used to be.
Love staying close to home more.
Still like wintering somewhere in Florida.
Still like spending summers at the beach.
I've settled into a nice routine.
That's what I think long term retirement is/should be.


Cindi: I'm with you on the travel stuff--although I reserve the right to change my mind at some point . . .

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