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Retired Syd

Disneydoc: Wow, I love your story! Thank you so much for sharing and for your nice comments about the blog. Congratulations and enjoy!

alvin mayeaux

I plan to spend more time with my wife, and visit friends in and out of town.
Visit others retirees that are not doing so well health wise. going to lunch before the crowds ,,, and
taking in early morning movies at the theater. We also shop for groceries and other
necessities early in the morning. It is much more peaceful and less of a hustle to
beat the crowds.

alvin mayeaux

My wife and I are 65, and were able to retire in our 50's. she retired 8 yrs. ago and I did it 12 yrs. ago.
Both were fortunate to get jobs right out of college, and stay until retirement. We have 2 children that
are college educated adults and were employed the same year they graduated from college,
what a Blessing.. it was a added Blessing for them to both have scholarships to go to college, which
took a lot of financial pressure off of us.
God Blesses so that others can be Blessed by you. It doesn't have to always be financial .. There are
so many ways that we can Bless others.


I am 62.5 years old and will retire on January 29, 2015. I've prepared for retirement to the best of my ability. I am blessed with good health and a good job with a modest pension and plan to delay taking social security until 66. I have a few jitters about retirement, wondering what I will do will all that time on my hands, but my faith is strong and I know I will enjoy the freedom, after having worked for for the past 43 years with no breaks other than 2-3 weeks vacation here and there. Anything beats working. My friends are jealous, but I tell them "don't hate"! LOL!! Thanks for letting me share.



I retired about two years ago after 42 years in state government. I really missed my old job and got bored. After one year, I went back to work full-time at job at a much lower level that my state government job. I feel even worse in this job--not challenging or satisfying and the hours are long. I am not a hobby guy. Unfortunately, there are certain things in life that have no do-overs. How can you enjoy retirement if you really don't have a hobby, do not like to volunteer, etc. Any suggestions??

Retired Syd

Walter: I'm sorry to read your situation. It sounds to me like you need to be challenged to be engaged. I think if I were you, I'd look into taking some classes at your local community college. Something you never got the chance to learn because maybe you didn't have the time. And on top of that, I would encourage you to dabble in a creative class as well. I'm taking piano lessons which is challenging, engaging, and gives me a hobby all at the same time. This fall I will take a jazz piano class that meets 3 times a week for one semester. My time will pretty much be devoted to improving my musical skills. That engages me. And while it sounds like you might need a little more intellectual topic, I think combining that with something creative: music, writing, painting, or maybe a new language, would maybe take you a little bit out of your rut. Doing something that you are not totally comfortable with can be really rewarding. I think you'll be surprised what you have in you.


Thank you for the suggestions, but none appeal to me. Frankly, I miss my old job, but realize I cannot live in the past. I made the decision to retire--obviously too hastily without thinking about non-financial issues in retirement. I am still at a loss what to do in retirement.

Sebastian Barrington

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Am I the only one noticing the high number of posts here focused on self-indulgence and personal grandiosity?

Chris D.

I am 54 and I will be retiring from Career #3 by the end of 2016! Excited....YOU BETCHA! I am looking forward to an unscheduled life and a leaving a job that has become void of passion and incredibly demanding. My retired Military husband (40 year career, great gov't pension) and I will continue to travel and spend our summers at the lake. We both enjoy sports and theatre and have done this for many years and can comfortably continue to do same. I guess I've been a "retiree in training" for several years, learning from the example of my late parents who lived their best lives EVERY DAY! I look forward to spending unrushed time with family and friends and to regaining my health and kicking STRESS to the bloody curb! YAHOO!


Thanks for your blog. Just beginning on the 'retirement' journey at 62 years old, after fighting it for 2 years. I really appreciate the comments from different people on how they are managing their "new" life style. I hope and pray that after another 2 years I will be able to testify about living a life of passion, and before the age of 70 that I will enjoying unfettered pursuit of happiness. God bless Retired People!


I am 51 and semi retired..had lots of different thoughts and different 18 year old lives with me so there we have lots of fun and adult conversations...i enjoy reading, beach walk sometimes when legs not hurting but i am fine and happy to live the rest of my days without having to leave the house and drive. of course i have to for shopping and stuff...still take care of most of the house jobs and do it with love.. have a lovely balcony with pool views and a veranda with sea views...have travelled everywhere i wanted to basically i spend my free time on google and sites...i feel sometimes i have to justify my happiness being home but really know i should not compare my life with other....

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